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Riddle's Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary
was established by Scott and Heidi Riddle in 1990
See Maximus on Animal Planet on 330 acres in the Ozark Mountain foothills in Arkansas as a non-profit
[IRS 501(C)(3) EIN-71-0694957] home for elephants needing one for
any reason. This is the only internationally recognized sanctuary that
accepts any elephant regardless of species, gender, or disposition.

This Arkansas elephant sanctuary currently houses Asian elephants
and African elephants, and both males and females. Elephant care
and elephant management are taught at this elephant haven in the
peaceful Arkansas countryside. Programs include Elephant Experience
and an annual International School for Elephant Management.
Major goals of the sanctuary include the care of the resident elephant
herd, but also elephant conservation in general, helping to ensure the
long-term survival of these magnificent and highly endangered species.
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